Are jessica sanchez and deandre dating 3min dating

And to add the cherry on top, she also won a loving boyfriend from the show itself. Her voice was so energetic and passionate that even judges- Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez had to resort to get up from their seats and give her a big round of applaud.Even though she didn't win the title and had to live with the runner-up title, she still gained a huge amount of followers all across the country.In the wake of this singer's loss to Phillip Phillips, an Associated Press report took a look into changes made to the season 11 contract for all contestants. Phillip Phillips squared off against Jessica Sanchez tonight, with the American Idol Season 11 crown at stake. One is a young white male who is easy on the eyes and plays the guitar.

On his official Twitter account, Brackensick said: “Me and Jessica are officially dating :)” “Yes Jessica is my girlfriend :)" Brackensick confirmed.The former American Idol runner-up took to the stage before the Dancing with the Stars winner was crowned, belting out a version of "Feel This Moment." Fox aired an American Idol results show last night that bid farewell to Paul Jolley.However, like always, there were a couple performances sprinkled in to the voting announcement - and the most impressive came courtesy of Jessica Sanchez.Television viewers may be able to answer this question later this year, as sources confirm that the American Idol runner-up is nearing a deal to guest star on Glee Season 4.Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong year to finish second on American Idol.Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jessica Asnchez.

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