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Après la mort de ses parents, Ty rentre d'Irak où il était soldat pour s'occuper de son petit frère.

Pour faire face aux factures, il accepte de travailler comme convoyeur de fonds pour la société qui employait son père.

And then we came in the first day and it was worse then I ever expected it could be. I mean, after reading about it, like, all night in the textbook and everything like that, when you finally get to see it—I mean, all these things are very abstract, and you're trying to figure out, well, this goes here, and this goes there, that goes the other place—and then boom, it's in front of you; you can grab it, you can feel it.A stunt double who dreams of becoming a big star - Sun Fan (Baron Chen) beat up Fang Zi Hao due to misunderstanding his intentions towards his girlfriend Xing Ye Zhen (Tanaka Chie), who's an unknown model on the border of the entertainment circle.Yu You Tong uses the power of the internet in spreading the news, intending to teach Sun Fan who beat up her idol a lesson, however Sun Fan's precise and beautiful movements, due to netizens' discussions and blind reporting by the media, made him a star overnight, posing a serious threat to Fang Zi Hao's status. I'll deal with Fang Zi Hao, and make her rather die than live!Fang Zi Hao pursues Xing Ye Zhen relentlessly; Xing Ye Zhen wants to use the rumours to enter the entertainment circle. * Sun Fan: All this is caused by that Wang You Tong. ----------------------------------------------marshmalloww: Yea.. I'm pretty sure they'll be progressing from a comedic couple in front before progressing to friends, and then lovers...Sun Fan fights for his love like a shrimp battling against a whale; Yu You Tong on the other hand, swears to protect her idol Fang Zi Hao to death. Sun Fan: Today I went looking for a debtor called Wang You Tong. Why don't you guys go catch the one who actually did it?? I'm the same way with Lego as you are with Baron LOL.Voir Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 en streaming gratuitement , Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 HD, Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 Blue-ry.

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