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Only two sacraments are admitted: Baptism and the Lord's Supper.Baptism does not produce sanctifying grace in the soul, but strengthens its faith, and is the sign of a regeneration which has already taken place in the recipient.No Methodist denomination recognizes a difference of degree between episcopal and presbyterial ordination.A characteristic institution of Methodism are the love-feasts which recall the agape of Christian antiquity.More fundamental for all Methodists than these standards are the inspired Scriptures, which are declared by them to be the sole and sufficient rule of belief and practice.The dogmas of the Trinity and the Divinity of Jesus Christ are upheld.The sacrament is administered under both kinds to the laity.The "witness of the Spirit" to the soul of the individual believer and the consequent assurance of salvation are distinctive doctrines of Methodism.

The invocation of saints and the veneration of relics and images are rejected.Methodism, however, developed its own theological system as expressed in two principal standards of orthodoxy.The first is the "Twenty-five Articles" of religion.Its administration to infants is commanded because they are already members of the Kingdom of God.The Eucharist is a memorial of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, who is not really present under the species of bread and wine, but is received in a spiritual manner by believers.Transgressions of an involuntary character are also compatible with another characteristic doctrine of Methodism, that of perfection or complete sanctification.

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