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She was sent to Michigan to a home for unwed mothers and brought the baby girl back to De Motte, but the baby was taken from her and adopted. With the help of her son Lance, she has been using social media to reconnect with siblings and build new connections with extended kin. Milton used a corn knife to fight off the rats in the barn.

At 17 years old, she finally ran away from the slave labor home and never looked back. Whereas the father abused him, the mother actually liked him, and eventually sent him to live with an aunt and uncle, helping with their egg delivery business.

The founder of Interplan, an international trust company, George has published over forty books and articles on the history of the Black Sea Coast and its Greek Christian population.

He still lives in Kalamaria, the Pontic Greek refugee neighborhood where he was born.

After attacking a police officer Milton ended up in a mental hospital diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia and having fits of rage’. He met his birth mother only once as an adult, staying with her for a month in 1970. She hated me so much that she didn’t care.” David was in his mother’s womb when the photo was taken. When he was taken from his birth mother he was covered in bed bug bites and in rough shape.

She threw him out when he got into a fight with her second husband. David grew up in Wheatfield, a couple miles away from his siblings Rae and Milton.

With no place to turn, the jobless coal truck driver and his wife decide to sell their four children.

Both went to live with John and Ruth Zoeteman on their farm in De Motte. Both were forced into slave labor by their new foster parents. In her late teens Rae was kidnapped, raped and got pregnant. He was beaten, kicked, left alone for days tied up in a barn and fed only some milk and peanut butter.When we pressed her for details or explanations, instead of adding something to make the story more interesting or giving possible reasons, she would only answer, "I don’t know.That was how it was when I was born." She could neither read nor write, nor did she understand chronological dating.On leave from the Vietnam War in 1969, he reunited with Rae and did so again in 1982. Any resemblance to the real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. But he begged, howled, barked, wagged with the tail and finally was added to the picture to make his statement on animal abuse.David saw his birth mother after he became an adult. Road to Emmaus is the first English-language journal to feature his work.

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