Dating a girl who has had an abortion

Nine of the top ten locations were in London, with one in 25 teenage girls in Southwark having an abortion, closely followed by Barking and Dagenham, Lewisham, Hackney and Croydon.The only area outside the capital in the top ten was Coventry, with a rate of one in 33.We were at one of those self-help seminars similar to EST.During one phase of the seminar, in order to strip yourself bare of any encumbrances, you had to tell someone you loved about something about yourself that was never revealed before.Teenage abortion rates were highest in the London borough of Lambeth, where one in 22 girls under 18 had a termination in 2006.This was nearly five times the rate in the region with the fewest abortions, Herefordshire, where one in 100 under-18s had a termination.

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She said she definately wasn't going to have the child (college, family, etc.) and she learned from her mistake.It was a ****ty choice she had to make, but I think she turned out alright in the end, and it didn't hurt our relationship.Long story short: I think it depends on the circumstances of the abortion, and if the girl really is a sloot or she just made a naive mistake. It never occurred to me to even contemplate asking it, and looking back over our 29 years of marriage it is probably the one thing from both of our pasts that has affected our marriage more than any other.It was not until we had been married a little over two years that I discovered that little secret that remained hidden from me by my beloved.As many as one in 22 teenage girls in some parts of the country had an abortion last year, according to official figures.

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