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Raw Pixel prides itself on having the most diverse collection of stock photos around.

The online resource is trying to change the face of stock photography and has started the (one) world face project with the ultimate goal of photographing people from every nation in the world.

This site adds new free CC0 stock photos every week.

These images are searchable by category, position, and color.

In addition to this excellent initiative, Raw Pixel provides a dynamic collection of free stock imagery that’s sure to fit your next campaign.

When researching resources for free social media images, I was told by more than one socially-savvy person that Stock Snap was their favorite site.

Stockvault hosts over 35,000 royalty-free images, graphics, and designs from photographers, designers, and students around the world.

This is a great resource for free social media images that can be used as backgrounds for text-based graphics.

With over 5,427,891 downloads since it launched in 2013, Picjumbo is a popular free resource for social media images.

Users can click through the different categories of over 600 free high resolution photos, or download a pack that includes all images as well as three Photoshop mockups (in exchange for a donation of or more.) Unsplash offers 10 new photos every 10 days via an email subscription and on their website.

That’s why we put together this handy collection of free stock photo websites. Every image site in the list below falls under Creative Commons—so you don’t need to worry about getting sued.

If you’d like to learn more about how image copyright works on social media, check out our post Can I Use This Photo on Social Media? Gratisography is one of the most interesting of the free stock photo sites due to the quirky style of photographer Ryan Mc Guire.

If you’re a social media marketer, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect image to accompany a post.

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