Dating thailand khon


They serve local and international beers, wines and liquors. This is definitely a place that you can visit to experience Khon Kaen nightlife.

The Underground – another busy nightclub in the area is called the Underground.

Most of the bars cater to locals but they also cater to foreign tourists as well.

You might probably see some bars under English name but the only downside is that not too many people speak English that fluently.

Nightlife in Khon Kaen is no different to the major cities in Thailand.

They have a lot to offer to its foreign and local tourists.

You wouldn’t be able to see working girls here so don’t expect to hook up with someone.

Again, you might be able to hook up with a local girl in this area but that still depends on the night or her mood.

Prices for drinks (local and international) are fairly decent.

They also serve good bar chows (Western and Thai food).

You wouldn’t be able to look for working girls in this area though. Rads – Otherwise known as Rad Pub, located at Amphoe Muang Khon Kaen. It is more of a wine bar with live music and girls in bikini.

The place can actually make your heart pump faster because of its loud music – hence they cater mostly to younger crowds.

This is located at Pullman Rajah Hotel and they actually serve their own German brewed Kronen Brauhaus Beer.

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