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This is especially true when purchasing a new i Pad, but it shouldn't be ignored when updating to a new version of the operating system.While most updates go smoothly, any time there is a change to the operating system of a device, there is a chance things won't go so smoothly.This is mostly annoying with the i Cloud Photo Library settings.So after the update is complete, go into the settings, choose i Cloud and then tap on Photos to double check your settings. Not only will you be able to keep all of the apps and data, Apple actually makes the process quite easy.This isn't a Windows PC where an upgrade to a new PC or even an update to the operating system could result in hours spent trying to get everything just right.You will need to be connected to your Wi-Fi network to perform the upgrade, and if your i Pad is below 50 percent power, you will want to plug it into a power source.One annoying fact about upgrading is that some settings can get flipped back to their default setting.

Choosing this option will present you with a list of valid backup files.

Apple releases upgrades to i OS on a regular basis, and it is always a good idea to keep your i Pad running the latest and greatest version.

Not only does this help provide a bug-free experience with your i Pad, but it also makes sure that any security holes found in the operating system have been fixed.

My Photo Stream will upload all of the pictures taken to all of your devices, which sounds nice in theory but can sometimes be awkward in practice.

How to Be the Boss of Your i Pad (And Not the Other Way Around!

The fail safe to something happening during an update is restoring the i Pad to its factory default state, which isn't a major issue so long as you have that backup.

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