Evolutionary dating flaws


The last two arguments have largely been discarded by leading proponents of evolution.If one reads the recent anti-creation books and even the latest NAS primer on teaching evolution, the biogeography argument is not even discussed.“The debate about lateral transfer does not center upon plausible mechanisms.…The issue is not plausibility but relative frequency.

Various exhibits deal with the difficulties for the Darwinists in the fossil record.

A great deal of publicity has focused on this important question.

It is relevant to the fossil record because the assumption of an evolutionary sequence remains the primary means of dating rock layers. Gould gives an excellent definition: “Scientific Fact is a theory that is so thoroughly confirmed it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.” (Gould, Stephen J. “Evolution,” in the origins debate, is simply “molecules to man transformation.” Anything less requires a creation act of some kind.

Since by anyone’s estimation most mutations are not beneficial, can a population reasonably bear the cost of removing the deleterious mutations via differential survival?

And what is the impact on the reproductive capacity along the way?

The complexity challenge: The sophistication and apparent design of biological systems cry out for an explanation.

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