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From my somewhat poor record files, we took (and release most of) 1500 fish. The cinnamon/chartreuse PERFECT Jig was always the best color, but the others worked, too.The spawn this year (so you can plan for 2018) was approximately 20 February - 20 May, with the peak around the last two weeks of March.SEE THE 'PAST STICK MARSH FISHING REPORTS' LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.OR, GO BACK TO THE HOME PAGE AND LINK TO US ON FACEBOOK AND GO TO 'PHOTOS'.These areas have to be searched out with the sonar, with the GPS making them easy to find again. The Stick Marsh side remains the best-kept secret for us local anglers.Most anglers only fish what they can see, so you can have this submerged grass all to yourself. It remains FULL of submerged timber, with little grass.STICK MARSH/FARM 13 ---- Let's get the unknowns out of the way first: The new area, directly east of the Marsh and Farm 13, is NOW rumored to open in September 17.

Earning an MBA may help graduates gain the important knowledge, skills, and experience they need to start a career in the corporate world.The MBA Structure is as follows: 8 Core Courses (24 credits) ACC 602: Global Financial and Managerial Reporting DS 602: Business Analytics ECO 606: Industrial Economics FIN 607: Financial Management LAW 600: Law, Ethics and the Principled Path in Business MGT 601: Managing for Global Success MKT 600: Decisions in Marketing Management RMI 601: Risk Management 1 Required Capstone Course (3 credits) MGT 700: Seminar in Business Policy 3 Concentration Field Courses (9 credits)...THERE ARE FISHING REPORTS, WITH PICTURES, ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2001!!Having an MBA was the equivalent of between two-and-a-half and four years extra rating experience.It is in times like these that you realize the true value of an MBA.STICK MARSH----Here it is, a super HOT summer in 2016.

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