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Investigators uncovered a major scheme in which construction companies essentially formed a cartel that doled out inflated contracts from state oil company Petrobras, paying billions in kickbacks to politicians and businessmen.While Moro, who oversees many cases in the so-Called "Operation Car Wash," is hailed as a hero by many, others see him as a partisan hit man out to get da Silva and the Workers' Party.Da Silva is the latest of many high-profile people to be ensnared in possibly the largest corruption scandal in Latin American history.Over the last four years, Brazilians have experienced near weekly police operations and arrests of the elite, from top politicians to businessmen like former Odebrecht CEO Marcelo Odebrecht." said former president Dilma Rousseff, who succeeded da Silva and in 2016 was impeached and ousted from office."They fear that Lula would get a favourable decision in [a higher appeals] court.The once wildly popular leader, who rose from poverty to lead Latin America's largest nation, had until 5 p.m.

Like so much in a nation that has become deeply polarized, the fact that da Silva would soon be behind bars was being interpreted differently by supporters and detractors."Brazil scored a goal against impunity and corruption," said congressman Jair Bolsonaro, a right-leaning former army captain who is second in the polls after da Silva."Lula is one of us.Moro's warrant on Thursday came after Brazil's top court, the Supreme Federal Tribunal, voted 6-5 to deny a request by the former president to stay out of prison while he appealed a conviction that he contends was simply a way to keep him off the ballot in October's election.He is the front-running presidential candidate despite his conviction.They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to share internal deliberations being discussed.Forcing da Silva out of the union building on a Friday night would be a logistical nightmare given the thousands of supporters outside and heavy Friday traffic in Sao Paulo."I don't see why he should turn himself in just because judge Moro had an anxiety crisis," Sen.Last year, Moro convicted da Silva of trading favours with a construction company in exchange for the promise of a beachfront apartment.

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