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The workhouse was run by several "undertakers" — local clothiers, appointed by the Corporation, who organised the cloth production for which they received loans from the common stock.In 1628, the first intake of 24 weavers, 16 shearmen, and six burlers took up employment at the workhouse.When Davina married the Earl of Stair, head of the Dalrymple family, in 1960, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret were among the St James’s Piccadilly congregation.Davina, who lived at Lochinch Castle in Stranraer, was devoted to her aunt, the Queen Mother, remarking after her death in 2002: ‘She had a great way with people.’A keen rider to hounds, Lady Stair was, for many years, Master of the Wigtownshire Hunt, and was devoted to the Castle Kennedy Gardens on her late husband’s Scottish estate.‘Sebag wouldn’t dream of forking out for Cartier,’ she tells me. The only expensive items I have are what I bought myself years ago. ’Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders played champagne-swilling fashionistas Patsy and Edina in the hit comedy Ab Fab.

common stock to be employed and bestowed in trade of clothing, either in making of coloured cloathes, or whites, as the time shall require; and also in working of Wooll, Hemp, Flax, Iron, grinding of Brasill woods and other stuffes for Dying, or otherwise, as...

shall seeme convenient for the employment of poore people, and for the preservation and encrease of the said common stocke.

A bequest of £4,000 was made on identical terms for the setting up of a workhouse in Newbury.

For its first two years, the operation ran at a profit but this soon began to change.

Complaints also began that insufficient work was being created for the poor. Donations of about £100 a year are distributed among the Poor. Many of the labouring classes here possess very little foresight.

Mind you, I’m not telling you the price of the new Prada jacket I’ve bought. So how fitting that the duo are taking their love of bubbles to new heights by filming a television show about champagne.

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