South florida adult dating escort service


Rent A Gent is not an escort service, and any touching beyond what the role requires is strictly against policy.Obviously, Rent A Gent can’t control what happens off the clock, but the company has a dedicated “chaperone” who calls both parties after each date to make sure the date has ended.

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Although Shikhman’s customers are as young as 22 and as old as 87, the bulk of her clients are business professionals in their thirties and forties undiscouraged by the 0-an-hour price tag.(The money is split fifty-fifty between her company and the Gents themselves.) Weddings, corporate dinners, a trip to the museum—they’re just not as fun on your own, and women seem thrilled for a hookup to the kind of scrumptious arm candy Shikhman provides.Surprisingly, a good number of her clients offer payment with their Of course, some customers have more complex motives.“What we really want is someone to talk to, to share an experience with and show us a good time.At a wedding, everyone’s coupled up; it’s great to have someone who’s on your team.”Before my first date, Shikhman assigns me a handler, a suave 37-year-old from Venice, Italy, named Jon Zarantonello, who’s also one of her star Gents.According to Shikhman, a woman in Florida recently hired a much younger Gent to stand at the kitchen sink in his boxers, washing dishes, as though he were her new live-in boyfriend.

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