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Plus the great soft drinks such as: Jic-Jac, Nesbitt, Grafs, Glen Rock and Roxo . Clark super 100 gasoline, Thousands know it's best, The largest selling independent gasoline In the middle west.Fill up today, you'll see just what we mean With Clark super 100 gasoline...When you were thirsty, you asked where the nearest "bubbler" was. West of Calhoun Road on the south side of Bluemound was a wonderful restaurant called The Milk Jug. The building was shaped something like the famous Kool Aid pitcher, and through the glass back wall of the restaurant you could watch them milking the cows.And how about the old horse drinking fountains that in the 1950's were converted to large flower gardens?? My brother and I used to hitchhike to Greenfield Park to play golf.Milwaukee still maintains lovely flowerbeds on the boulevard strips, something that you just don't see in American cities these days. I remember going to the Avante Garde to see the Baroques and the Velvet whip. I think the junior green fees were something like 50 cents.

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My sisters and I grew up on 41st street across from Sherman Park in the 40's and 50's.

I remember the huge Milk Jug on the top of the building. My husband and I come to Milwaukee to the Parkinsons Clinic at Mt. It is nice to see the city modernize and grow, but great to see the old buildings that hold so many memories. Grebes and Gardettos Bakery (where I became a human cream puff one day ... (these were pre Koop's days) They gave away dishes on Tuesdays at the Airway Theater.

Barb Immel I grew up in Milwaukee in the fifties & sixties. Went to grade school at AE Burdick School on Bolivar & Griffin. never hire kids to package breadsticks) No one had better pizza then Pepis. Bought a wedding dress at The Grand on Mitchell Street. Roller Skating at the Palomar on 27th off Oklahoma Ave. Can't remember the Bakery in West Allis, but they made the absolutely best, huge, "peanut squares" (with a cherry on top) Our high school went out on Saturdays to pick up free "DRUGS" that were sent to the Missionary Doctors. The huge, street party when the Milwaukee Braves won the pennant. Kids took accordion lessons....know Lawrence Welk had his start here too. Milk Jug Memories I grew up in Brookfield, when Greenfield Avenue was THE major thoroughfare between Milwaukee and Waukesha.

The wooden stage they would build for the 4th of July and the row of bubblers fed by a hose.

Marching from 38th street school on the 4th and getting a small flag and ice cream in a paper 'Dixie' cup with a small wooden spoon as a reward. Garbage collected by horse drawn wagons that were coupled together on Locust like a train to be pulled away by a truck.

Found your website while searching for snirkle candy bars.

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