Stop adobe from updating


We also heard how easy it was now to pick colors for gradients after we moved the eyedropper inside.

We clearly understand that having access to the eyedropper both in the property inspector and color picker is absolutely essential to work quickly.

The promise of Creative Cloud is to enable you and your team to work efficiently between different CC applications.

You often have assets like icons, illustrations and other vector artwork that you create in Illustrator but wish to reuse across applications like XD.

You can use the pen or touch surface to interact with XD’s tools, create artwork on canvas, navigate through layers, interact with symbols, wire prototypes, edit properties, scroll through the preview window and so much more.

Small tweaks on the go have never been easier in XD.

When we first shipped the color picker in XD, we received feedback around support for an eye dropper inside it.

Once you’ve completed editing your graphic hit save in Illustrator and watch those changes magically apply to the graphic in XD.

It is present only in the artboards in which the designer enabled it and also turned on by default.

The developer can choose to toggle it off once they have seen it.

You can use the pen to input values in the property inspector or even better, tap and hold down on a numeric field to scrub through values.

With touch-enabled, you can draw on the canvas, resize objects and repeat grids, drag and drop images and even pick color values using the eyedropper.

Once you drop the graphic, you see a blurred preview with a spinner while XD performs a little magic trick to convert it to a fully scalable linked vector.

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